Ramsis English Private School (REPS) Community,

Welcome back to the new school year of 2020-2021. This year is unlike any other school year we have ever experienced. The novel virus Covid-19 has caused everyone to pause, behave, and think differently. However, teaching our children remains our responsibility. Our children have to continue acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for careers and life. At REPS we have prepared E-Learning lessons and strategies to connect our students to a virtual educational environment. Our teaching philosophy embodies teaching the whole child so that screen time, interactive participation and assessment are vital components of each lesson. Our teachers have armed themselves with engaging activities and resources that will motivate our students to learn.

Moreover, our students’ health and safety remains our utmost priority. During the summer, I worked with the school administration and the MOE to put in place a comprehensive reopening health and safety plan. Our plan followed the guidelines and protocols set forth by the authorities. Our school was cleaned and sanitized, distance markers were placed in halls and at desks, and hand sanitizers were installed. When students begin blended learning, every student will receive a temperature check at the entrance of the school; the amount of students per class will be reduced, and hand washing breaks will be put into the daily schedule. It is my duty and responsibility to ensure that all of our students are safe. 

As the school year progresses, we will focus on developing our students’ capacity for learning to become the best citizens for the UAE. We will inspire them to learn and care about their environment, each other, and to pursue an education to prepare them for careers and life-long learning. 

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